New Students/Transferees

  • Recent Identical 1.5 x 1.5 ID photo
  • PSA Certified Birth Certificate
  • Report Card (front and back)
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Recommendation Form – to be filled out by the Adviser or Counselor

Send the link ( ) or download the Recommendation Form (

  • Clear Copy of Certificate of Junior High School Completion – For Incoming Grade 11 ONLY.

Old Students:

Original Copy of Report Card

ESC/SHS Voucher Program Requirements:

Incoming Grade 7 (Old & New Students)

ESC Application Form (to be provided during or after the ESC Orientation)

Two (2) 1.5×1.5 pictures

One (1) Clear Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate

One (1) Clear Photocopy of Grade 6 Report Card

Proof of Income/Proof of NO Income (Both parents), Latest ITR/Certificate of Tax Exemption or Municipal Certificate of Unemployment)

Incoming Grade 8-10 (New Students/Transferees)

ESC Certificate (signed by the Principal)

Incoming Grade 11 (New Students/Transferees)

ESC Certificate or SHS Voucher Certificate (Private JHS Completers)

Public JHS Completers are automatically qualified for the Voucher Program

NOTE: Enrollment Procedure and Payment Options will be posted soon. 


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