• Alay-Kapwa

    History of Alay Kapwa – Creative Ministry Resource Center The ALAY KAPWA-CREATIVE MINISTRY RESOURCE CENTER is the coordinating body towards the concretization of the School Vision: as CPSGL- Christian Person Sharer of God’s Love, for […]

  • Academics – GS Dept

    Grade School Department Specific Objectives for the Grade School At the end of the Grade School integrated curricular,co-curricular and extra-curricular programs, the graduates are expected to acquire the basic skills necessary to: Express themselves adequately, […]

  • Academics – HS Dept

    High School Department Specific Objectives for the High School As an integral part of Canossa College, the High School seeks to achieve in a degree and manner appropriate to a High School, all the purposes […]

  • Admission

    ADMISSION (Please wait for the update regarding Admission)    

  • Campus

    CAMPUS Canossa College of San Pablo City has its facilities that are well designed and properly maintained to meet students’ needs to effectively enhance learning and to help them enjoy their school lives. Located in […]

  • Directory

    DIRECTORY HUMAN RESOURCE CENTER Lakeside Park Subdivision, San Pablo City (049) 562-3891 Loc. 208 – Human Resource Center Coordinator Loc. 221 – Grade School HRC Loc. 209 – High School HRC Loc. 244 – College […]

  • Core Values and Alma Mater

    CORE VALUES and ALMA MATER CORE VALUES: Rich in Faith OpennesstoTruth Uprightness and Self discipline Social Responsibility Creative Teamwork Patriotism and Cultural Integration Selfless Caring Competency and Skills CANOSSIAN GRADUATE ATTRIBUTES Cannossiano. Canossianna Christian Person […]

  • Seal

    SEAL At the center of the circle is the HEART, which symbolizes the unique Canossian formative approach in Education, that is, the promotion of the harmonious growth of the person with special attention to the […]

  • Our Vision/Mission

    VISION OF CANOSSA COLLEGE SAN PABLO CITY Canossa College, a three level Catholic Educational Institution in San Pablo City, envisions an integrally developed Christ-centered person, committed to the building and transformation of the family, community, […]


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