Grade School Department
Specific Objectives for the Grade School

At the end of the Grade School integrated curricular,co-curricular and extra-curricular programs, the graduates are expected to acquire the basic skills necessary to:

  1. Express themselves adequately, clearly and correctly both in oral and written forms on topics suited to their age, interest and experiences in English and Filipino;
  2. Comprehend and interpret reading materials suited to their grade levels as well as expand their reading interests;
  3. Perform with standard speed and accuracy the fundamental operations in Mathematics and apply the concepts, principles and the basic computational skills in analyzing and solving problems related to daily living;
  4. Apply the processes of observation, comparison, classification, inference, measurement, interpreting data, prediction, formulating hypotheses, controlling variables, experimentation and verification in simple scientific inquiry;
  5. Identify problems and formulate hypotheses, locate and analyze materials they need, interpret maps and graphs, sequence events in logical order and arrive at a conclusion;
  6. Develop and demonstrate attitudes and values such as love of country, respect for elders, constituted authority, and the rights of others; accept and carry out one’s responsibilities and take pride in one’s Filipino heritage;
  7. Use profitably and creatively the available resources within the community for projects particularly in Work Education, Art and Social Studies;
  8. Express themselves creatively in Music, Arts, Dance and Gymnastics with accuracy and discipline;
  9. Perform fundamental skills for physical fitness and sports with discipline and conformity to rules and regulations.


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