High School Department
Specific Objectives for the High School

As an integral part of Canossa College, the High School seeks to achieve in a degree and manner appropriate to a High School, all the purposes and aims of this institution of formation and learning. At the end of the four-year program with Religion as the core of the curriculum, the Canossa high school students should be able to:

  1. Understand their Christian vocation and manifest in their behavior an awareness of their human destiny and dignity, rights and freedom and their relationship of solidarity with all persons through justice and love;
  2. Demonstrate familiarity with the Person, Life, Works and Teachings of Jesus Christ; participate actively in the Liturgy; make sound decisions based on Christian values, and express their acceptance of God through a life of faith, of prayer, and of service to others;
  3. Participate with enthusiasm as leaders or active members of organizations and movements for parish and/or community development;
  4. Think analytically, logically and critically; formulate judgement and utilize these skills in preparation for their vocational choice, higher academic work, and independent life-long learning;
  5. Apply reasoning and problem solving skills accurately and precisely;
  6. Communicate in written and oral forms with ease, competence and effectiveness in Filipino and English.
  7. Show appreciation for literature as a venue for values clarification and formation;
  8. Display self-discipline, fairness, teamwork and sportsmanship in games, sports and other forms of group activities;
  9. Work independently and interdependently, creatively and responsibly in the performance of school work and chores at home;
  10. Manifest appreciation for their distinct cultural heritage, awareness of the needs and aspirations of the Filipino people, and responsiveness to the challenges of a developing Filipino nation.



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