At the center of the circle is the HEART, which symbolizes the unique Canossian formative approach in Education, that is, the promotion of the harmonious growth of the person with special attention to the “Formation of the Heart.”

The FOUR FIGURES OF BOYS AND GIRLS inside the heart represent the levels of the educational process being carried out by the Canossian school communities in the Philippines: Pre-school, Elementary, High School and College, which are co-educational. They also symbolize the commitment to be “Christian Community Builders” in solidarity with the poor.

The FLAME is the universal sign for education and the Canossian Charism of “Charity that seeks to embrace all.” It also signifies the vocation of every Canossian to be “Light to others and witness of uprightness, Justice and Truth.”

The CROSS and the LILY are in prominent places in the circle. They are symbols of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother Mary, our Models par excellence of a life lived in Wisdom and Charity in fulfillment of God’s plan. Canossian Spirituality is both Christ-centered and Marian.

The HEART and FLAME are also the symbols of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Patron of the Canossian Sisters in the Philippines. This Seal expresses, the unified Vision of our four schools: “CANOSSIAN SCHOOL COMMUNITIES, SHARERS OF GOD’S LOVE”


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