The BEED IV students conducted a seminar for pre-service teachers with the theme “Making Pre-service Teachers Ready for 21st Century Education” held at the Canossa College Auditorium at 7:00 am to 4:00 in the afternoon on October 15, 2016. This was a relevant activity in Special Topics, one of the subjects in education courses.

The seminar was attended by unit earners in education, teachers, and pre-service teachers of four tertiary schools in San Pablo City – Dalubhasaan ng Lunsod ng San Pablo (DLSP), Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) , San Pablo Colleges and Canossa College. Stress Management and The Art of Questioning were the two major topics discussed in the seminar. The participants were divided into 20 groups with names accoding to the traits of a teacher maagap, masipag, magalang, mahusay, mapagmahal, mapagbigay, maaruga, malikhain, maasahan, matalino, maunawain, masinop, matiyaga, masunurin, mapagbigay, makatao, makabayan, mabuti, mabait at mapagkumbaba.

The program started wit a prayer by Gemo Magsino, BEED-IV student. The national anthem and the Canossa hymn were rendered by the entire BEED IV class. Sr. Cynthia Magsino, DfCC, warmly welcomed the participants. In her speech, she expressed her gratitude in conducting a seminar for the future buikders of our nation. She also requested all to utter a personal refelection for being a future teacher.

The masters of ceremony in the morning, Deanne Delas Alas and Andre Brion, welcomed and proudly introduced the participants from the different schools.

To start the seminar, Mrs. Rosario A. Pasco, teacher of the BEED IV students, read an inspiring story about a good teacher. The first part of the seminar focused on the topic “Stress Management”. It was discussed by Mark Anthony Reyes, Lindzay Consul, and Maryjoy de Guia. Reyes started his talk by a “paper-cutting activity” to introduce the word “STRESS”. He discussed the definition, kinds, and types of stress such as the “eustress and distress”. Consul pointed out the principles of stress management. De Guia tackled the ways on how we can manage our stress, which includes “time management”.

Meanwhile, Marc Andrew Belen introduced Mrs. Aileen Juaneza, the resource speaker in stress management. Mrs Juaneza discussed some ways on how an individual can manage his/her own stress through meditationand some physical activities. These techniques were performed by all the participants together with Mrs. Juaneza and the BEED IV as the concluding activity of her talk. At 1:00 o’clockin the afternoon, the second part of the seminar started. This time, Marc Andrew Belen and Paul keneth Calabia were the masters of ceremony. The facilitators started the afternoon session with the game “Don’t Spell the Vowel”. The facilitators, Deanne delas Alas, Trina Vistan and Raichelle tackles “The Art of Questioning”. Delas Alas used the question and answer technique to boost the participants to actively answer her questions. Consequently, the participants became alive and participated in the discussion of her topic. In addition, Vistan and Alcayde in discussing the levels of questioning and questioning strategies and techniques respectively.

After the discussion of “The Art of Questioning”. Mrs. Pasco together with all of the participants recited the poem “One Day in the Life of a Teacher” by Joe Mordeno, owner-director of Speech Power.Also, the participants evaluated the seminar. Kayleigh P. Santos, over all chairmanof the activity, gave the closing remarks. She expressed her gratitude to all the pre-service teachers in San Pablo who joined to make this brave and bold task a reality. She also thanked the administration, their teachers, her fellow classmates and the BEED II and III students who helped them facilitate the seminar. Then, Charise Belda led the closing prayer.

Finally, Ms. Meng Lajara facilitated the community dancing. Everybody was invited to dance and become a member of the community which the Pusong Canossians’ built in one successful day.




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