By Hannah Therese C. Eranzo

Last February 10, 2017 – Canossa College of San Pablo, my beloved school, resounded it’s 61st College Day celebration with exciting booths and events that were not yet observed in the previous foundation years. The activites were CMP Club-based, holistic and had the spirit of charitable acts through all the virtues embraced, and shown in the newest set of booths a.k.a. #Weformhearts. Despite the challenges in brainstorming what could each club show that would be attractive and motivating to other students and our visitors, each club-based booth performed and ended well on February 12.

Getting out from the convention or what we call tradition, this year’s event marked a milestone for three points, in my own evaluation. First, the booths were themed from Multiple Intelligence of students. This was a great opportunity for each club member to really show what he/she had got as a club. In the same way, it promoted bonding or closer relationship between and among members.

Of course, these things would not be possible without the head, the heart and the hands of the entire Canossa Educative Community from students- to teachers- to parents- to sisters- and to the sponsors who incessantly lent and shared their time, effort and material assistance to make the 61st Foundation Anniversary of my beloved school remarkable and memorable.

The events, the fun, the new knowledge, the performance… and many more may conclude my Junior High School here in Canossa… but every detail of those would serve as a huge memoir of my stays here.

The celebration was truly a thing to rejoice for. Everyone was given the opportunity to develop more and showcase his/her skills and abilities, these opportunities that boosted positively our self-confidence and remind us of the many blessings we have received from God… which all of us are truly grateful for. Hence, the 61st of my beloved school really turned into a celebration of opportunities, of blessings, and of thanksgiving!


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