It’s not about the money we make, It’s about the money we keep.

We are really grateful to Mr. Gilbert Recoco, employee at the Rural Bank of Seven Lakes and our alumnus,as our guest speaker to the Savings and Salary Budgeting Seminar with the theme, ”Learn, Earn, Save” which was initiated by the Canossa College Student Council; held last July, 11, 2017 at the Main AVR.

According to the CCSC, they came up with the activity because of the remarkable change on how millennials spent. The advent of new technologies and other stuffs contributed much on their increasing needs and wants.

The seminar started with the introduction about the nature of saving. This includes some background about bank deposits and statistical data depicting the reasons why 99% of the population is unbanked. The main reason why? Because people don’t have money to save, which is partly true. People do have money, enough for their needs.

A video presentation from the BangkoSentralngPilipinas showing the nature of time deposits and its benefit was also played. The saving formula was also reiterated, that is, Income less Savings is equals to Expenses. It is the expenses that will be adjusted.

Mr. Gilbert also put stress on things that is worth saving for. According to him, invest for the best things in life, those that will endure forever. It is the eagerness and motivation that drives one to save. Every peso counts, just like Piggy Pig (the animated pig during the seminar)said, “It is not about the money we make, it’s about the money we keep”

We hoped that this would really help Canossian College Student in saving and in practicing the virtue of simplicity. And may the program aided them to choose the best things in life that is worth saving for.


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