Last August 11, 2017, Canossa College celebrated Priests’ Day. It was a beautiful and warm day full of laughter and smiles. Priests from different parishes of San Pablo City and nearby towns joined the celebration.

They were welcomed by the joyful and upbeat tunes from the Drum and Lyre Band of the grade school department. The CCSC and SMC-SIL members assisted our guests to the registration booth and towards the Court of Thanks where the event kicked off. Of course, what would Priests’ Day be without starting with a solemn Eucharistic celebration? Fr. Eugene Fadul led the mass. Everyone was focused and engrossed with the celebration. The Canossa Oyayi Children’s Choir also led the angelic singing during the mass.


After the mass, a short yet exciting program was dedicated to our priests. Canossians showcased their talents and entertained the crowd with music and dance. Even Faculty and Staff members joined in on the fun and danced and sang with our students. Of course, some of our priests also shared their talents in singing and playing instruments. Everyone was so captivated by their performances and smiles could be seen from the audience’s faces.

The priests, sisters, faculty and staff dined together for lunch in the Auditorium. While sharing a bountiful meal, our guests took the opportunity to belt out songs on the karaoke. Everyone shared stories and exchanged hellos. After lunch, most of the guests and faculty members gathered in the Court of Thanks to watch basketball played by priests, faculty members and students. The day ended well; everyone is tired yet fulfilled. Our guests went home with the biggest smiles on their faces.

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