The “Grade School Intramurals” was held last August 24 -25. During the intramurals, intermediate pupils occupied the Court of Thanks while the primary students stayed at St. Hildegard Auditorium. Each section was represented by the colors blue and red.  The games played included board games such as chess and physical games such as basketball and volleyball.


During the first day, Almira Igharas and Darell Tribdino hosted the opening ceremony.  Sister Sharon gave the opening remarks.   This was followed by a performance from the primary Dance Club members.  After the performance, the muse and escort of each section were then called in the stage. The torch was lit by Marco Simuangco, a sixth grader from St. Andrew, while Allenah Calabon, also a sixth grader but from St. Albert recited the “Oath of Sportsmanship”.  Mrs. Josephine V. Paet, Principal of the Grade School Department formally opened  the intramurals.


During the second and final day, “Zumba” was held after the assembly and this was led by the Dance Club members.  Some of the sports and activities held are athletics, marathon and the tug of war.  Towards the end of the day, the muse and escort were called in front to hold each grade and team’s banner, and the winners of each contest were called to put a pin onto their team’s banner. The closing remark was delivered by Sister Mimi. Scores of each grade and team were consolidated.  In the end, everyone was a winner as both blue and red team ended up having a score of 506.



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