by Shanne Villeno

By tradition, Junior High School Canossians were given the chance to strengthen bonds and make new friends through the annual acquaintance party with the theme “Kristorya: Samaha’y Palaguin, Bagong Tao’y Pasiglahin” conceptualized by the Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Canossa – Samahan ng mga Istudyanteng Lider (SMC-SIL) executive board.


The event was held on July 7 at the Court of Thanks. It started with an opening prayer led by Geb Batralo (10 – St. Magdalene), SMC-SIL Press Relations Officer, while hosts, senior students Isabelle Mandap (Mo. Dalisay), Raph Cabusas (St. Anthony), and Rose Fernandez (St. Ignatius) added spark to the party.


There were games like Family Feud and Kasya o Hindi. Also other activities that were meant to get the students involved and participate to get to know each other.


Highlighted in the celebration was the Mr. and Ms. Pusong Canosian pageant. It wasn’t a beauty pageant, but a search for batch ambassadors of good deeds, respect, and an attitude like mother foundress’, St. Magdalene of Canossa. The panel of judges consisted of Sir Kit Igot, Social Science teacher, and Mrs. Ma. Luisa A Tubaña, Associate Principal for Academic Affairs.


When the candidates were introduced, sections cheered for their representatives with all their might. Each pair from grades seven through 10 introduced themselves with poise and hopes of being chosen as the top two in their levels.


The candidates also presented an energetic dance number to share their talents and the presidents of each class showed a symbol that represented their section’s patron saint.


During the second part, the aspiring Mr. and Ms. Pusong Canossians strutted on stage in their Sunday’s best, and the top two of each year level was announced. Those chosen proceeded to the Question and Answer portion with a guaranteed spot in the final announcement.


After the brain tickling, tongue twisting portion the winners were announced. They are as follows – Mr. and Ms. Pusong Canossian (in consecutive order, 7-10) Sophia Castillo and Jedryc Romero (St. Blasé), Chantei Cortez and Jeff Bujactin (Mo. Fernanda Riva), Lei Caromayan and Tristan Flores (St. Martin), and Romina Manalo and Huxley Monreal (St. Magdalene).


The other pairs were declared as year level awardees and are as follows – (in order of Mr. and Ms. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) – and Johann Edoria (St. Angela), Jhaecelyn Suazo and Daryl Greñas (St. Gerard), Dorothy Escaño and Alwyn Ortega (St. Josephine Bakhita), and Gabrielle Urgena and John Rey Ledesma (St. Paul).

The success of the event was seen in the smiles, laughter, and cheering of each one before, during, and after the program.


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