On its third year, the Canossa Educative Community (CEC) welcomed the third
batch of Italian exchange students from Canossa Brescia.
Caterina Losio, Margherita Busi, Giorgia Castrezzati, and Ilaria Barilla are
incoming grade 12 students in their schools back in Italy. They are here in the
Philippines to experience not only the education system, but as much culture as
they can absorb before they leave.
The exchange students were welcomed in the morning assembly on
August 20. Hosted by two senior high school students, the program began with
them being introduced. They proceeded on stage and were serenaded by
Ysabella Cariño, a grade four pupil. Then, Ian Alcantara and Cass Manguiat, the
president and press relations officer of the Junior High School SMC-SIL
presented them with Tagalog phrases and had them try to pronounce them. They
also taught the students some Italian counterparts. Finally, they were taken to the
dancefloor by selected senior high school gentlemen.
They were also toured around the school by their Canossian buddies,
senior high school students who are assigned to be their companions throughout
their stay.
Just like the previous two batches, they will be in campus for two months.
They are scheduled to move back home by the second week of October. For
now, Caterina and Margherita attend specific classes with the 12 Accountancy,
Business and Management – St. Homobonus class while Giorgia and Ilaria stay
with the 12 Humanities and Social Sciences – St. Teresa class.


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