Canossa College San Pablo is a PAASCU accredited and K-12 certified institution which offers quality and wholistic education in the following:

PRE-ELEMENTARY Junior Kinder- Senior Kinder

ELEMENTARY Grade 1- Grade 6

JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Grade 7- Grade 10

SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Grade 11- Grade 12

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics)
  • ABM (Accountancy, Business, & Management)
  • HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences)


BusinessBS in Business Administration
Major in Management Accounting
Major in Financial Management
BS in Entrepreneurship
EducationBachelor of Elementary Education
IT, Computer Science & ProgrammingBS in Computer Science
Medical and HealthcareBS in Nursing (Pre-Med)
Social ScienceBS in Psychology (Pre-Med)

Scholarships are available and are made on the basis of scholarship tests, financial need and potentials for becoming an asset to the community and the students’ family.


Mo. Luigia Grassi (HS)
Academic (HS-College)
St. Josephine Bakhita (College)
St. Joseph (College)
St. Magdalene of Canossa (College)
ESC (Junior HS)
SHS Voucher Program