Guided by the spirit of Jesus Crucified and inspired by our blessed Mother Mary, the Canossa College Alumni Association aims to keep alive the charism and virtues of St. Magdalene of Canossa among the Alumni.

As the conduit between the alumni and the school , it seeks to:

  1. promote the spirit of understanding, unity, mutual concern and support among the alumni;
  2. serve as a center for communication and information;
  3. assist the school in achieving its goal in achieving its goal of providing quality education and in meeting its institutional objectives;
  4. carry out projects and other worthwhile endeavors for the benefit of the school, the alumni, and the needy;
  5. accept donations in pursuit of its mission.


On-Going Activities

Local Level:

  • Batch reunions
  • Grand reunions
  • Fund raising for scholarship and other projects. (High School and Colleges)


National Level: Canossa Alumni association of the Philippines (CAAP)

  • Inter-Canossa Alumni Reunion/Fund Raising
  • “Close Ties” : Inter- Canossa badminton Tournamnet-Dinner Dance


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