The Campus

Canossa College of San Pablo City has its facilities that are well designed and properly maintained to meet students’ needs to effectively enhance learning and to help them enjoy their school lives. Located in a fully Air-conditioned room at the 2nd floor of the St. Magdalene of Canossa Building is the speech laboratory equipped with more than 50 0f the latest model to hone the English speaking skills of the students.

The school has three fully air-conditioned computer laboratories with more than 50 personal computer units each connected to the Internet via DSL which students may use for educational purposes. Likewise, it maintained three Air-Conditioned libraries for College, High School and Grade School students respectively where vast collection of books, and other learning resources is augmented regularly through continuous requisitions by the administration and faculty. These libraries also provide research area where personal computers connected to the Internet are available for student’s research. Augmenting the services that the libraries offer are Audio Visual rooms. The school’s collection of tapes, CVDs, VHSs, and other technology resources/equipment is adequately maintained in the Audio-Visual Center. Use of these materials is made available through proper coordination with the AV Custodian.

An Archive Room which keeps school documentary records, important artifacts and other priceless collections are secured in the room is also made available for the whole educative community. This is centrally located in the second floor of the main building. The school also provides two science laboratories with science facilities/equipments and laboratory tools for experiments and other science related activities.

The Practice House, a feature that is not commonly used by other schools in San Pablo serves as a laboratory where High School students are trained to manage their pseudohome for 4 days. Home management skills are better honed in the “House”.

The basketball, volleyball court and a wide gymnasium effectively enhance the student’s physical development and athletic activities. Spacious Guidance and Counselling Centers in the Grade School and High School Building respectively provide student services such as guidance counselling, testing, etc. to assist students in the development of their personality and maximization of their potentials in academic and personal pursuits.


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