“Nagmahal, nasaktan, nagretreat”

The fourth year college students attended retreat together with the eight youth ministers of Gumaca, Quezon at Canossa House of Spirituality in Tagaytay City. Sr. Magnolia Nuncio, FdCC and Sr. Marichel SOtalbo, FdCC facilitated the said retreat on November 16-18,2016 and they were chaperoned by their Religion teacher, Mrs. Lucy M. Bujactin.

Sr. Lerma Pulido, FdCC, welcomed the participants and she oriented them to observe the house rules and maintain silence for a good retreat experience.

In the activities, the facilitators used the Youth Encounter, Virac MOdel. The participants were divided into ten groups. Each group had different names and was composed of five students and one clergy. They learned to pray, keep silence, reflect, to affirm and to be open with one another. They also learned different songs and dance activities in each module.

Raichelle Alcayde, a BEED student said, “I Experienced the happiness, contentment, openess of myself to others and more importantly, my faith has been renewed”. She also enjoyed the place and warm welcome of the people in Tagaytay.



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