Teamwork has been one of the most important factors in achieving a certain goal. So this year, the newly organized psychology society headed by this newly appointed president, NiƱa Angelica Magayam, with the guidance of the psychology society moderator, Ms. Arlene Pagar, and the help of the co-officers of the society, decided to hold a team building activity for all the students of the psychology department.
The activity was held last September 22 at the Canossa College campus. The goal of this activity was to bring each and every psych student closer to one another. The activity was composed of 5 different stations scattered around the campus. The students were divided into three teams with students from second year to fourth year. With every station activity being timed, it was surelya fight to whichever team would finish first. With each station requiring a lot of team effort and self sacrifice, every team member learned that the group cannot win without the help and cooperation of every member.
The activity ended successfully with the 1st team the winner. but the true winnerswere those who learned how to work with others and how to give their best for the sake of the team. with that being said, the entire psychology department students.


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