With humble hearts and ready minds, Canossians from all over the world united
for this year’s Canossian Global Youth Conference (CGYC) at the Sacred Heart
Canossian College in Hong Kong with the theme: The Mission of the Canossian
Eight students from the high school department namely Michael Nobleza
(12 – St. Teresa), Raymarco Reyes (11 – St. Patrick), Stephanie Glorioso,
Janelle San Jose (both 11 – St. Hubert), Shanelle Torno (11 – St. Luke), Gwen
Capuno, Weilyn Punto (both 10 – St. Magdalene) and Jedryc Romero (8 – Ven.
Mo. Fernanda Riva) together with their CGYC adviser, Ms. Allaine Fae Leynes
were blessed to be part of the event.
In the span of five days, the delegates were able to discover a global
perspective with local initiatives through activities and workshops while
interacting with fellow Canossians from different parts of the globe.
The conference presented an opportunity for the participants to discover
their mission in the eyes of St. Magdalene. They were tasked to become joyful
announcers of God’s love, to be truly aware of what’s happening in the world and
to be active in the community.
The delegates were also able to meet new friends, undergo unique
experiences, and connect with fellow Canossians to fulfill their mission as the
In one activity, the participants were tasked to empathize with the poor
where they found a new perspective on poverty. They joined a game where they
had to rush to make and sell paper bags reflecting the lives of the needy.
In the end, the Canossians who attended the event were able to find their
mission as the Canossian youth. They took home memories and reflections that
they will use to fulfill their mission.


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