Kudos, Canossians!
For the first time in over five years of qualifying, three senior high school
students secured the second spot in the final rounds of the Laguna Catholic
Schools Association (LACASA) annual catechetical Bible Quiz Bee held in the
University of Perpetual Help System Dalta (UPHSD) Calamba Campus on
September 20, Thursday.
Sean Kobe Cadelino (12 – St. Elizabeth), Allysa Nicole Dipasupil (12 – St.
Teresa), and Laura Francesca Tribdino (11 – St. John) were the said
representatives. They competed against twelve other schools from around the
province in the final round. The questions covered the synoptic gospels – those
of Matthew, Mark and Luke.
The quiz bee was conducted orally and was composed of three levels –
easy, average and difficult, each containing ten questions. Each question was
equivalent to one, two, and three points, respective to each level. The team had
a total of 57 points at the end of the competition.
A heated clincher round for the top two spots arose. The board of judges
ran out of questions twice as both teams answered them all correctly. The match
ended at the 6 th question and the last point was given to the opposing team.
The contest, organized by the LACASA board yearly, is composed of two
events. The qualifying round for Cluster 2 was held last August 17 at Liceo de
San Pablo. All three Canossian teams from the grade school, junior high school
(JHS) and senior high school (SHS) clinched top spots. Unfortunately, only the
top three advance to the final rounds.
Aicelle Avecilla (7 – Mo. Dalisay), Katrina Pampolina (9 – St. Josephine
Bakhita), and Kyla Dimaandal (10 – St. Magdalene) composed the JHS team.
They ranked 4 th among the schools. On the other hand, the grade school team
composed of Karla Vesorio, Franchesca Lara Jay (both 6 – St. Andrew), and
Dylan Panting (5 – St. John Bosco) placed fifth. The SHS team won first place,
making them the only team that proceeded to the finals.
The quiz bee is also a preceding step for the St. Paul’s National Bible Quiz
Bee to be held in the SMX Convention center on November 25. However, only
the winners of the Junior High School category are set to compete in the next

“It was more than just a typical quiz bee for it involves something more
than just the knowledge needed in the quiz bee – [it involves] our relationship
with God deepened by engaging in the activity,” said Kobe Cadelino.


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