Jedryc Romero (10-St. James) is the champion of the Stories About Wetlands and Water Video-making Contest initiated by the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands. His entry was also awarded as the peoplesโ€™ choice with more than 1.7 thousand reacts on his video.
His video focused on the water crisis San Pablo experienced last 2019 and the state of the seven lakes of the city. The video encourages everyone to conserve water and care for the lakes.
The winners were announced in the conclusion of SCPWโ€™s Restore Our Earth Webinar series last May 6. Romeroโ€™s video stood out from seven other finalists whose videos also featured water and wetlands.
โ€œTo make waves of change, we need ripples of action, and that ripple starts with you.โ€ Romeroโ€™s video concluded. He enjoins everyone to become environmental warriors.
Romero is also the executive director and founder of KalikaSan Pablo, a youth organization that advocates for environmental consciousness and sustainability in the city.
Watch his video here:
Credits: Canossian Newsette (

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